Progressive Champion

In the Legislature, Connie stood up against Trump republicans who wanted to cut Planned Parenthood, education, children’s services. She protected collective bargaining rights and helped bring union jobs to her district. On the Commission, Connie will continue to bring progressive values with real results to Hamilton County.

Connie Pillich at the Women’s March in Cincinnati, January 2017.

MSD & Infrastructure

Connie is running to fix the problems with MSD that have been going on too long and have cost the rate payers over a million dollars in damages, lawsuits, and delays. Connie has been meeting with key players in MSD over the course of her campaign so that she can bring new insight and solutions to her time on the Commission.

Connie was the first candidate to endorse Issue 7 and is committed to bringing better public transportation to Hamilton County so no one has to miss work because they don’t have a car. Families rely on these services which need dramatic improvements – Connie will see them through.

Criminal Justice Reform

Connie knows the criminal justice system needs serious reform. As a public defender, she had illegal evidence thrown away, got drug addicted individuals into treatment and out of jail, and defended victims of predatory lending. Connie will use her position on the Commission to work with the jail and courts to end overcrowding and bring a progressive change to our court system.

As a lawyer, Connie can use her experience to take on pharmaceutical companies and hold them responsible for the opioid crisis that affects all of us.

Infant Mortality

Hamilton County currently has the highest rate of infant mortality in Ohio and one of the highest in the country. This is unacceptable. Connie will fund programs for new mothers and infants during their first few weeks of life to ensure that every child is born healthy and those who aren’t are able to receive the help they need. Connie will work to lower the rate of infant mortality during her first term in office.

Veteran & Veteran Services

Connie is a former Captain in the Air Force. She has dedicated her entire adult life to public service and will continue her work on the Commission. Connie will protect funding for veteran services and improve access to opportunities for low-income veterans. She served 8 years on active duty and received the Air Force Commendation Medal three times.

Bengals Stadium Tax

This was a terrible deal for residents with no end in sight. Connie will bring forward a plan to sunset the tax so you can stop carrying the financial burden.